A better finish to the race

Of all the former race horses at Zac March and Robin Hurst’s Out 2 Pasture farm near Jamestown, “Twoey,” an 11-year-old chocolate brown thoroughbred, is the oldest and one of the more remarkable.

Two years ago Two Links Back, as the horse is formally called, was winning money at racetracks in New York and New Jersey. A photo from the time shows Twoey’s owner, beaming with pride, posing with the horse in the winner’s circle. A week after the photo was taken tragedy struck...(read the whole story)

Missouri group works to save
raced-out thoroughbreds

Seabiscuit, the horse that America cheered as an average guy going up against the bluebloods, is galloping across the big screen. Meanwhile, Robin Hurst of Jamestown, Mo., tends to 30 ex-racehorses whose racing careers really were average: They won big, won less, got hurt, won too little to pay their way and then went the way of business associates no longer profitable to the business.

As many as 6,000 thoroughbreds annually run that loser's circle and end up at the slaughter yards...(read the whole story)

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